Happy 2012!

Brianna at the Steampunk Christmas dance

Oh my dear blog, how I’ve missed you.  Like an errant lover, I’ve shamefully neglected you over the past few months.  I know, the wonderful holiday parties in Caledon were no excuse, but you must admit it’s easy to lose oneself in the dancing, the stimulating conversation, oh simply the gaiety of it all!  And, how can any female pass up an opportunity to dress up during the social season?  My greatest regret is that my dear typist only has a regular laptop, and cannot run the high graphics to photograph all the beautiful women and dashing gentlemen at the events.  

Along with the festivities, I had many moments to reflect back to the things I am thankful for. I have the greatest circle of friends that one could ever wish for, and a modest, but warmly appointed home in the best SL community ever, otherwise known as Caledon, that I share with a caring SL role-play spouse. Also, during this season, I renewed two lost friendships.  What more could one need (besides a better computer) ?  

Oh dearest blog, I intend to share more with you, and my readers, this year.  My triumphs and my tears, will be here for all to see.  As I traverse the vast universe of SL, you will be my journal of the sometimes frivolous and the probable foolhardy adventures I seek.  

Till later,



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