Awesome Shopping Finds

Ladies (and Gents) This is where I’ll detail some of the wonderful merchandise that I discover.   Stay tuned, Brianna *******************************************************************

Boho Baku~ Prairie Meadow boho gypsy skirt set

6 Feb 2012  You know those mornings when you wake up, stretch, and all is right with the world?  You snuggle back under the covers as you contemplate your wardrobe and activities for the day.  Possibly a picnic, or a walk in the woods?  On those days, I want something flow-y and romantic.  I peer into the vastness of my closet, looking for something from my favorite SL bohemian clothing creator, Twill Tymets, owner of Boho Baku.

Here are two of her many designs, and more can be found on my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge page.  You can find her store at the Kierman sim and Marketplace . Her boho crop tops are amazing; pair them with one of her denim jackets and a skirt. 

Boho Baku~ Indian cotton laced blouse & boho gypsy skirt set

Boho Baku~ Indian cotton laced blouse & boho gypsy skirt set








22 Oct 2011:  I strongly believe in supporting our local merchants, and today I’d like to tell you about two recent shopping discoveries.  Long time Caledonians may know of the first, but the second is a new business in Caledon. RAINY FEY CREATIONS:

Rainy Fey Creations

While taking a stroll one day, and still keeping my ear to ISC chat, I found out about a relatively new clothing store in Caledon Kittiwickshire.  As typist had recently provided me with my allowance for the upcoming fortnight, I was off to investigate this find.  Rainy Fey Creations is owned and operated by Miss Nyree Rain.  From her profile picks: “This store features Fantasy & Steampunk Clothing and Jewelry, with a few Dragons and Unicorn Horns for good measure.”  I must say, Miss Rain embodies the true spirit of a proprietress wishing to please her customers.  I and several other Caledon women were at the store, shopping for our menfolk.  Miss Rain was quite agreeable to making several pieces “transfer/no-copy” so we could personally present them to our men.  This aids in preventing the age old problem of our males accidentally declining an item they did not order, and makes the gift giving so much more of a personal experience.  Check out Rainy Fee Creations  inworld, and a few items can be found on Marketplace.


Glass Vistas

One day last week while I was outdoors, getting fresh air and finishing up the last of my autumn landscaping, I received a friendly IM from a stranger.  Mr RopeMasterDom Skjellerup was in the process of setting up his new store not far from Nitely Cottage on Caledon Cape Wrath and was introducing himself to his new neighbors.  A pleasant conversation ensued, and to my delight, a new friendship arose.  Mr Skjellerup, the proprietor of Glass Vistas, sells beautiful windows with wonderfully scripted views and add-ins such as rain or snow.   Mr Skjellerup’s inworld store can be found just around the corner from my cottage.  You may also view his merchandise on Marketplace.  His marketplace page also contains cabins, windows, doors and more.


That’s all for now, but I plan to feature other merchants as I find them while out on my evening strolls.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wid Shilling
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 09:51:56

    Hey there, Hottie. Nice blog. Just one comment (coming from the consummate proofreader) – I think you meant to title your first review “Rainy Fey” and not “Rainy Fee.” Right? Rainy Fee makes it sound more expense. Just sayin’ 🙂
    Otherwise, a great read. Keep it up!


  2. Brianna Nitely
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 23:29:59

    Ah..thanks for the catch Wid 🙂


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