Back Home in Caledon Cape Wrath

Have you ever found a place that feels so homey, so “perfect” that you never thought you would leave?  I did, and I moved away from it.  To my chagrin, I couldn’t make the new place “fit”.  Earlier this year, I sold my Cape Wrath waterfront parcel, and bought two parcels in Brigadoon.  How could one NOT feel special in a place like that?  I had the perfect view from my home on the hilltop, and another wonderful parcel for my bookstore.  Somehow tho, it didn’t feel right.  What I find really odd, is that in that alternate reality zone known as “real life”, my typist would have been at home in Brigadoon, and probably wouldn’t even venture into Cape Wrath.  It’s odd how I’ve taken on an entirely different persona in Second Life.

Recently, a friend alerted me that there were some parcels potentially available in Cape Wrath, including my old waterfront land.  I wasted no time in contacting Guv’nah Shang for clarification and to let him know of my interest in moving back.  Not only did I buy back my waterfront parcel, but I acquired two more parcels. My humble windswept cottage is back where it belongs on the water, where Mr Nitely and I shared wonderful conversations.

My Cape Wrath holdingsI now also own some of the land on the hill above my cottage. I’ve relocated my blue Victorian two-story home that I used in Brigadoon to the parcel above my cottage and am in the process of transforming it into The Braeholm boarding house.  To the left of that, I’ll be opening my “A Page in Time” vintage bookstore.

So much to do yet…but for now, I need to tuck my typist into bed.

Take care,                                                                                                      Brianna

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jade
    Feb 03, 2013 @ 09:55:01

    I live here now, one day I shall have to look for you 🙂


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