How could I forget…?

I awoke this morning with that nagging feeling that today was a most special day, but I simply couldn’t remember why.  I decided a quick cuppa would revive my senses and made my way to my dining room. Feeling the chill of the morning air, I stoked the fire, then sat at my dining table, peering out my window into the horizon, savoring the magnificent view.  As I sat there, mindlessly fingering the delicate rim of my blue and white Wedgewood teacup, I couldn’t help but wonder what was so significant about today.  As I reached towards my serving tray to pour another cuppa, I glanced at my calendar. OH MY… I realized today was 1 September!  

In a most unladylike motion, I bolted from my table and hastily donned fresh attire &  a good pair of boots; something fashionable and yet comfortable for walking.  Peering into my closet, I determined, that yes, there was room…room for all the goodies that I would soon be amassing. After one last sip of tea, I left my cottage and made my way to Mielville, where I will join so many other like me, hungry for today’s adventure, the long awaited STEAM: the Hunt! ‘5’

I’ll promise to check in with you later, but for now, I’m searching for posters and cogs and goodies, oh my!!



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